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The Lady of the Lounge Piano

In a former era, popular nightlife endeavored to insulate its partisans from a harsher and darker outside world by creating an opulent and sumptuous atmosphere of ornate façade, luxuriant fabric, faceted light, and sensuous music.  Central to that theme was “The Lady of the Lounge Piano.” 

Costumed in eveningwear and jewels, gloved and coiffed, eyes gleaming, teeth sparkling, and lips inviting, she played intricate jazz renditions, soulful ballads, heartfelt blues, and longing torch songs.

Her classic concert grand piano seemed to glow and radiate like a musical hearth whose mantle almost always featured a bouquet of roses, modest candelabra, and an oversized brandy snifter.  Worldly cares languished contentedly, as her patrons escaped into the rich opiate of melody, romance, rhythm, and beguilement.

No, the “Lady of the Lounge Piano” is not lost to the past, never to return.  She has gracefully slipped backstage, into the wings, until the proper events and times draw her back to us.  Those times have indeed returned.  And once again, the “Lady” is here to take you, the listener, to that elegant atmosphere of fascination, delight and wonderful music.  Today, the Lady’s name is Maple Profant.

Contact Maple: 707.479.4665