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Maple's Story
(And she's stickin to it.)


Her story begins in Chicago, that great furry beast of a city curled up against the cold winds of the Great Lakes. Chicago, who's culture of jazz, blues, bar-be-cue, fine arts, and baseball lifts spirits, breaks hearts, and celebrates the lore of tough guys, grey fedoras and pinstripe suits. Chicago, the city that watched a little girl named Maple grow up studying ballet, theater, painting, and piano; that nurtured and protected her until she was ready to cast aside her Marshall Fields school clothes and head out on her own.

Oh right, it sounds as if I was coughed-up like some oversweet fur-ball. I was a kid. I did kid things, piano recitals, state-fair art shows, a blue-ribbon here and there; no big deal. Then I went off to college.

The University of Wisconsin greeted Maple with open arms. It was a time of cultural change. Maple majored in Music with a minor in Dance. She played piano and sang in the local hang-outs, clubs with names like "Coffee and Confusion" and "The Back Door." There were a million other young someday chanteuses making the rounds, but eventually all roads led to San Francisco. Maple packed up her family and, degree in hand, moved to the city by the Golden Gate.

She settled into the Sunset District of San Francisco, playing clubs, rehearsing bands, home-schooling the kids, and teaching music both privately and in the public schools.

  My kids grew up seeing and hearing a lot of band practices in the living room in San Francisco. They saw people hauling drum sets and setting up mics and making a ton of noise. They also heard my piano practices in the early mornings for many years, including their teenage years when they wanted to sleep in and had to dream away to my Hannon exercises on the piano. My kids are all humorous and artistic in their own ways and I am very proud of them..

Do you want to talk about your comedy writing?

  I had a lot of comedian friends in the Sunset District. We'd all get together for parties, etc. at each other's houses. Then I'd turn on the Tonight Show the next night, and hear all my great one-liners being told on national TV. These comedians have no honor - they just take and take and take and never give credit. Musicians are different. We borrow and also give credit - at least some of the time. Anyway, I started complaining about this so one of the comedians put me on the payroll. I can make fun of anything and some of my early life was traumatic. I learned to find humor in the bad stuff to get by. It was a survival tool and still is.

Maple eventually moved to the wine country of Sonoma County, north of San Francisco. She continues performing music, teaching music, and dancing. Maple is also a popular swim coach in the Santa Rosa area.

Maple's CD of jazz standards, entitled Piano Noir Ivoire is a collection that harkens back to the genre of Film Noir, the golden era of sleuths, private eyes, gangsters, and of course, Chicago.

  Hey, I kinda like that. Who says you can't go home again? Seeya in the funny papers, kiddo.